Hey, y'all! I'm

Gen Kundert

I’m a work-at-home mom to a fun-loving three-year-old daughter and a good-for-one-thing thirty-something husband. My interests include laundry-pile climbing and building-block architecture. Oh, and I’m really into hyphens.

True Story

How I Became a #Momfluencer

After my daughter was born, I knew there was no way I was going back to work outside the home. I just couldn’t do it. We really needed a second income, though, so I had to find some way to help make ends meet. I got my start in direct sales, and I’ve been very successful within that business model, an accomplishment of which I’m rather proud and for which I will always be grateful. Those years of experience gave me the knowledge and skills I needed to take on something greater later on. At the time, I just needed a job that I could do in ten minutes here and twenty minutes there—between diapers and naps and meals and baths. I can’t think of any other career with that kind of flexibility.

Eventually, as my little one got a bit bigger, I realized the time had come to pursue my passion. I wanted to utilize my writing talent beyond the occasional social media post. I needed to know that I was making a difference in the world, however small, and I didn’t want to try to do that with products anymore.

And thus #snarkymomslob was born! Or conceived, at least—that’s always the fun part, isn’t it? The rest is just hard work. I began by expanding my personal brand. I pulled away from sales and dug into content. As it turns out, my customers also appreciate this approach. They know what I sell and where to buy it; they don’t need a daily reminder. Guess what they do want to know… Who I am and why I do what I do. Guess what they do need from me every day… A smile, a laugh, an eye roll, or a virtual hug.

I’ve had such a positive response on social media over the last few months that I’ve finally committed to a full-length monthly blog. While you’re waiting for the next article to appear, I welcome you to join our Snarky Mom Slobs Facebook Community!


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